What is protein and do I need it?
Protein is the material which your body requires to recover and rebuild. Whether your goal is toning, cutting, building muscle, or you play intense sport, you will require the amino acids found within protein to recover and/or build muscle.

Why do I need to take a protein?
Protein contains the required EAAs and BCAAs needed for muscle growth and repair.

What are amino acids and why should I take them?
Amino acids are components or “building blocks” that make up protein; they are required for repair and growth of every cell in the body.

What is the best time to consume protein?
Post training

Do I mix the protein powder with milk or water?
All INC proteins taste great and are suitable to mix with water or milk. Adding full cream or skim milk will increase the calorie content.

Are INC products suitable for Vegetarian and Vegans?
Vegetarians – Yes provided the vegetarian consumes dairy product (lacto-vegetarian)

Vegans – No

I am lactose intolerant. Can I use INC products?
Generally the WPI would be fine, as there is less than 1g of lactose per serving. But this will depend on the individual’s sensitivity to lactose.

I can’t have wheat or wheat derivatives. Can I use INC products?
Most of the INC range has been formulated without the use of gluten or gluten derivatives. Products which do contain gluten are:

Eternal Mass Vanilla
Muscle deluxe bars vanilla and chocolate
Shred Max Pro bars Vanilla and chocolate

Can I use any products if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
Always check with your Doctor or health care professional first.

Why are there so many? Are they different?
Different proteins will provide specific benefits, for example whey protein isolate (WPI) digests quickly and is best post workout, whereas whey protein concentrate (WPC) digests at a slower rate, and is more suited for between meals.

I want to take protein, but I don’t want to put on weight. What do I do?
Gaining or losing weight will be determined by the calories you consume and expend. Protein will help fat loss and muscle gain when used in conjunction with a nutrition and training program.

Can any of the products be used as a meal replacement?
Diet Whey, Eternal Mass and Hard Gainer Mass are all suitable